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Art from Contemporary Conflict by Sara Bevan 

The Imperial War Museums (IWM) are widely recognised for its incomparable collection of twentieth-century British art, which is built around the extensive programs of war art that were created with government support during the First and Second World Wars. In the decades since, images from these artworks have become icons of British history and of the experience of war. 

What is less well known is that IWM has similarly striking holdings in contemporary art--and that those artworks reflect experiences of and responses to a wide range of recent and ongoing conflicts. 

Showcasing artwork created in response to fighting in Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and more, and featuring work by such prominent contemporary artists as Steve McQueen, Roderick Buchanan, and Langlands & Bell, this book reminds us that war continues to spur artists to creative reflection today.

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DRIFT: Victor Sloan
F E McWilliam Gallery and Studio

6 December - 28 February 2015

An influential artist and educator, Victor Sloan is internationally recognised for his powerful work related to the Northern Irish Troubles. His arresting images of Orange Order Marches, the Sham Fight at Scarva and the Security Forces have been exhibited all over the world. Less familiar are Sloan’s works relating to Craigavon and the Vietnamese Boat People who were settled there in 1979. Sloan got to know some of the Vietnamese community and photographed them in Moyraverty Community Centre and in the Burnside estate where some of the families were housed.

In preparation for this exhibition, Sloan rekindled his friendship with Ka Fue Lay, who was a teenager when he settled in Craigavon in 1979 and now lives in Salisbury, England. While visiting Ka Fue Lay recently, Sloan made a new video in which Ka Fue Lay discusses his life in Vietnam, displays family photographs and fondly recalls his time in Craigavon. The exhibition also includes Sloan’s black and white photographs of Craigavon from the late 1970s and early 1980s, contemporary images that he created by scratching, painting and bleaching photographic prints, and recent work including large colour photographs of Moyraverty

This exhibition, selected by Dr Riann Coulter, Curator of the F.E. McWilliam Gallery & Studio and Feargal O’Malley, Curator at the University of Ulster, is a timely reflection on the history of Craigavon and the experiences of the Vietnamese Boat People who were amongst the first refugees to settle in Northern Ireland, post-World War II.

This exhibition will be on show at the FE McWilliam Gallery & Studio until Saturday 28 February 2015 and will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue with essays by Ken Grant and Dr Justin Carville. An exhibition of Sloan’s art works inspired by the former Soviet Army Camp at Borne Sulinowo, Poland, will run concurrently at the University Art Gallery, University of Ulster, Belfast, from 27 November 2014 to 24 February 2015.

Drift continues until 28 February 2015

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Victor Sloan's works are included in Art of the Troubles.

Art of the Troubles

Wolverhampton Art Gallery
1 November 2014 - 27 February 2015

This major new exhibition features artists’ responses to the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It offers avenues for exploring the way in which the Troubles have been viewed by artists and for reflecting on the manifestations and impact of violence and division in our society. The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, photographs, videos and sculpture. Art of the Troubles explores a broad range of themes including violence and destruction, suffering and loss traditions and life in the midst of turmoil.

Art of the Troubles has been developed in partnership with the Ulster Museum and includes many works from the collections of National Museums Northern Ireland including the recently gifted Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection. Also incorporated are loans from the Imperial War Museum, London and the Irish Museum of Modern Art as well as works from private collections and the artists themselves.

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Victor Sloan: Borne Sulinowo  

27 November–24 January 2014
The University Gallery, Belfast

© Victor Sloan

The University Art Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Victor Sloan: Borne Sulinowo. This exhibition will present photo works selected from Sloan’s series Borne Sulinowo.

In the summer of 1993 and 1994 Victor Sloan with other Irish artists participated in a series of exhibitions and performances entitled Irish Days at the Baltic Art Gallery in Uska, Poland.

During their stay in Poland, Victor Sloan and the other artists visited Borne Sulinowo. It had been a secret base for the Soviet army, a town with 25,000 inhabitants which was hidden in woodland close to the German border. 

The Red army left the base overnight in the winter of 1992. Since then the town lies deserted. Now only a police station exists as well as a tiny bar with three or four tables. 

Borne Sulinowo is heavily polluted. Wrecks of military vehicles and debris lie everywhere. Victor Sloan, like the other Irish artists who went there, was inspired to make new work.

From Beyond Borne Sulinowo by J├╝rgen Schneider, 1995 

School of Art 
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Victor Sloan's work is included in 

Art and Architecture of Ireland, Volume V, Twentieth Century, 

Edited by Catherine Marshall and Peter Murray.

Art and Architecture of Ireland, Volume V,Twentieth Century is one of 5 volumes of Art and Architecture of Ireland, published for the Royal Irish Academy and the Paul Mellon Centre by Yale University Press. 

The books are an authoritative and fully illustrated account of the art and architecture of Ireland from the early Middle Ages to the end of the twentieth century. 

The volumes explore all aspects of Irish art and architecture - from high crosses to installation art, from Georgian houses to illuminated manuscripts, from watercolours and sculptures to photographs, oil paintings, video art and tapestries. 

This monumental work provides new insight into every facet of the strength, depth and variety of Ireland's artistic and architectural heritage. An examination of not only the works of art created in twentieth-century Ireland but also the critical contexts from which they came. 

Volume V,Twentieth Century covers the work of recent conceptual artists as well as those who used more traditional media. Definitive biographies of many of the key artists of the age are included, and the volume also addresses the main political and social issues that lay behind twentieth-century Irish art. 

Through its many fine illustrations, it recreates the excitement of the art world of the period.

The complete set includes: Volume I: Medieval c.400-1600, Volume II: Painting 1600-1900, Volume III: Sculpture 1600-2000, Volume IV: Architecture, and Volume V: Twentieth century.

Hardback, 580pp.

517 colour illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-300179-23-1


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