The following are some of the series of works Victor Sloan has produced:

Drift exhibition

The Baron series

Stop Series, 2010

Luxus Series, 2006

Fish Tank video installation

Walk Series, 2004

Drumcree Series, 2001

Portadown Series, 2000

Stadium Series, 1998

The Little Rascals Series, 1998

Borne Sulinowo Series, 1995

Self-Portrait Series, 1993

Explosion Series, 1993

Fireworks Series, 1993

Sham Fight Series, 1992

Circus Series, 1992

Walls Series, 1989

Demonstration at the Castle Series, 1988

The Birches Series, 1988

Twelfth Series 1987

Day of Action Series, 1986

Drumming Series, 1986

The Walk, the Platform and the Field Series, 1985

Incident (Belfast) Series, 1985

Moving Windows Series, 1985

Craigavon Series, 1984

Vietnamese Boat People Series, 1984

Promenade, Bangor Series, 1984

Belfast Zoo Series, 1983

Adelaide, Belfast Series, 1967

Other Images, various dates

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