Stadium: Victor Sloan

Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Wednesday 1 - Thursday 30 July 1998

© Victor Sloan

This exhibition is the first in a new collaboration between the Old Museum Arts Centre and the Context Gallery, Derry. For the next six months from July to December the Old Museum Arts Centre will act as host to a series of exhibitions created by Context gallery.

Stadium was originally exhibited in January 1998, at the time the exhibition consisted of six large black and white photographs relating to the 1936 Olympic Stadium in Berlin designed by Werner March.

Stadium is Victor Sloan’s first installation based exhibition and as a result the context for the show in the Old Museum Arts Centre has changed considerably to meet the different demands of the gallery space.

Only two of the original six photographs remain from the original exhibition at the Context Gallery. They have replaced by a film projection. This will be the first time that Victor Sloan has exhibited in this medium.

There is a publication accompanying this show with essays by Mairin Murray and James Kerr. At the opening of Stadium on Tuesday 30 June, 7-9pm, Victor Sloan will give a brief talk on his work. This event is free and is open to everyone.

The Context Gallery would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Old Museum Arts Centre for this wonderful opportunity, safe in the knowledge that this partnership will generate a series of exciting and engaging exhibitions.

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