Icons of the North

Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art: Socio-Political art from 1969 – 1994

Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

31 January - 4 March 2006

Magazine Gate, Derry, silver gelatin print, toners and watercolours, 120cms x 193cms, 1989.

Icons of the North: Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art: Socio-Political art from 1969 – 1994 curated by Brian McAvera. Icons of the North is the second in a series of exhibitions and publications, which will contribute to the construction of a history of Northern Irish Art from 1945 to the present.

This exhibition focuses on socio-political art from the period 1969 – 1994 and will supply a survey of, and act as an introduction to, art produced throughout this time.

McAvera hypothesises that artists who produced works relating to “the Troubles” during this period were largely disregarded by the establishment, and that it is only now that their value is being realised. The artists shown in the exhibition not only developed a vocabulary for “the Troubles”, they have continued to develop and record not just the events of Northern Ireland, but also those of a broader geographical, social and political scale.

The artists featuring in this exhibition are: Marie Barrett, Tom Bevan, Graham Gingles, Gerry Gleason, Jack Packenham, Victor Sloan and Una Walker.

A hardback, substantially illustrated catalogue (ISBN 0-9549633-3-4) accompanies the exhibition and is available priced £10, for further details and pre-ordering contact Sarah.

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“Over the next couple of years Collective Histories of Northern Irish Art will be realised as a series of exhibitions and publications that, through the generosity of shared knowledge and shared experience, will form a significant historical archive of Northern Irish Art from 1945 to the present. My hope is that it will create a much-needed historical context to both engage, and help engage with, artists who are practicing today.”

Peter Richards, Golden Thread Gallery Director

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