News 1992

I-D National: National Identity in the New Europe

Portfolio Gallery and 369 Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland.

5 December 1992 - 16 January 1993

Tuesday - Saturday 12:00 - 5:30

© Victor Sloan

Ania Bien, Netherlands
Andre Jasinski, Belgium
Per Bak Jensen, Denmark
Astrid Klien, Germany
Michael Medinger, Luxenburg
Leonel Moura, Portugal
Ron O’Donnell, UK
Cristina Garcia Rodero, Spain
Victor Sloan, Ireland
John Stathatos Greece
Matthias Wähner, Germany

Nancy Wood situates the exhibition within contemporary politics and culture and traces the links between memory, history and national identity.

“The photographs assembled for this exhibition clearly do not follow a starkly- defined and didactic agenda and indeed their power would be considerably reduced if they did so. However their common ground, across the heterogeneous imagistic spaces of Europe which they traverse, is a shared engagement with two of the most determining features of national identity: history and memory…

“It would be tempting to conclude that I-D NATIONALE is an exemplary expression of an emerging European sensibility… But the photographs taken individually or together resist such an expedient interpretation. Rather than viewing the exhibition as a collective manifesto on behalf of a new politics of identity, it would be more fitting to see it as an intervention in this politics, which stages a collision of images of identity, and of the memories which sustain them.”


An 80-page catalogue of the exhibition, containing 40 exquisite colour and duotone plates, is available at the galleries and by mail order.

The catalogue contains essays by David Mellor, Senior Lecturer in History of Art at Sussex University, and Nancy Wood, Lecturer in Media Studies in the school of European Studies in the school of European Studies at Sussex University.

The exhibition is financially assisted by:

The European Arts Festival
The Kaleidoscope Fund (EC)
The Arts Council of Great Britain, International Initiatives Fund
The Scottish Arts Council

Sponsored by Commpress

Funded by BSIS

Portfolio Gallery
43 Candlemaker Row

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